Thursday, February 23, 2012

Steak Tartare ستيك تارتار

The steak tartare is a classic and world-wide known recipe which consists of minced raw meat (or even better, finely hand-cut), fine-grained but not mashed, seasoned with parsley, capers, egg yolk, oil, lemon juice, Tabasco or pepper.
Buy a fillet steak and have it minced by your butcher's or (suggested choice) cut it into thin slices, then into strips, and finally into small pieces;
in this way you'll get an excellent tartare whose meat is not mashed, but made of very small pieces. Place the minced meat in a large bowl.
Chop the parsley, the capers and the onion. Add all the chopped ingredients to the meat in the bowl, together with the lemon juice, the mustard, the salt, the pepper and the Worcester sauce, then drizzle the oil and blend well all the ingredients together. Divide the obtained mixture into 4 equal parts, give each one a round-shape and place them in the centre of 4 dishes.
Arrange on each dish 4 lemon slices at an equal distance from each other and, with the help of the bottom of a glass, make a hole in the centre of the meat mixture and put a whole egg yolk inside. Season each dish with chopped parsley, capers (or chopped pickled gherkins), mustard and chopped onion (or shallot). Finally, serve the steak tartare immediately.