Sunday, January 29, 2012

How to chiffonade كيفيية تقطيع الخضار الورقية إلى أشرطة رقيقة

Chiffonade is a French term referring to a technique in which leaf vegetables are cut into very fine ribbons.
You can chiffonade the lettuce, the basil, the leek, the spinach.
Remove the leaves you're going to cut from an already rinsed stem of basil.
Drizzle few drops of oil on the basil and rub the leaves on both sides. In this way, it won't oxidize in the air.
Stack the basil leaves and roll them up lengthwise.
Cut the basil into thin slices.
Proceed in the same way to cut the lettuce.
Let's move to the leek. Make a cut, remove a few leaves, stack them, fold into 3, and slice to your desired thickness.